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Just another static site generator

Having used a couple different systems for typesetting and content creation (latex, org, md, pandoc, etc.), I decided it was time to write my own tool for generating a static pages that suits my needs.

I will start by listing my previous experiences and iterations of the systems I have used.

Org export

This was hard to get working and to understand. I wanted to try this out at the time because I was using org mode for latex.

I based the system on this site:


Wolfgang of mentioned using a modified version of ssg. I wanted to try this out since it seemed simpler than the previous org mode export setup I had before. I liked lowdown, but switching to Alpine broke r/ssg. I tried to modify r/ssg to work with busybox but ultimately gave up.

Gemini and HTML

After giving up ssg and rssg I didn’t want fiddle with any conversion systems. Not much to say. I simply wrote .gmi and .html files by hand.

Ultimately I did not like writing html by hand so I started tinkering again.

Jassg: just another static site generator

Jassg was inspired by Cem Keylan’s build script. Instead of using I went with lowdown, but this time I was prepared to read the documentation.

I recommend you look at both lowdown(1) and then lowdown(5). It is easy to plug lowdown to a pipe and it behaves like a nice unix-utility should.

Cool thing about lowdown is that I get very nice terminal version of the website with the -tterm option.

terminal output

RSS feed is generated from the links on the index page. I used the gmisub format as inspiration for this. Every link that starts with a valid 10-character date is added to the feed.

I hope this helps me actually write more, where I know my tool well so I do not have to fight it to work how I like.

You can view this page with your $PAGER!

curl -sL | less -R

CC-BY-SA - Thank you for reading!