Extended Drive Demo


This is a short demo of what kind of sounds the Extended Drive can produce.

The signal chain is Guitar -> Interface -> Extended Drive -> Convolv2 (IR) -> (reverb).

The Impulse Responses (IR) used in these sound samples came from the Little Cubes IR Pack by David Maxim Micic.

All sound samples have been normalized to -23 LUFS as recommended by EBU R 128.

Unless stated otherwise, the settings are the same as those that were used on the first high gain 7-string guitar example (except for bass).

"Without processing" means the sound was not processed with the Extended Drive. The samples still include the IR.


High gain 7-string guitar riffing

Without processing


Bass dry & wet mixed

Without processing



Dry & Wet mixed

Noise Gate

100dB of pre gain was used with processed samples.

Sustained Chord

Without processing

No gate

Gate @-70dBFS

Staccato Chords

Without processing

No gate

Gate @-70dBFS


Base settings

Filter @10Hz

Filter @2000Hz

Tone @0

Tone @1


With hard clipping a high DC bias causes half wave rectification but with soft clipping only the peaks have enough amplitude to escape the soft clipping region. This is why particularly high values of bias sound bad.

Bias @-100dB

Bias @-20dB